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What do we serve daily?

Fast Bites

Appetizers! In Serbian cuisine they include Antipasto with prosciutto, salami and and a range of cheeses such as kackavall and feta, spreads like Ajvar (pepper and eggplant spread) and kajmak (aged sweet cream) and delicious and hearty pastry such as gibanica, burek and other filo dough pita pastries with a variety of meat, cheese and vegetables such as spinach and potato.


Serbian everyday cuisine bursts with healthy ingredients and flavor! you can call it fresh, well seasoned with herbs and spices and is usually a combination of meat with a main vegetable cooked or baked together so that the flavors blend. It is usually seasoned with sea salt, black pepper and Paprika and a blend of herbs. Onion, garlic and carrots add flavor to most dishes. It is said that Serbian cuisine combines the flavors of Mediterranean, Central European and Middle Eastern flavors. Here is an good article on typical Serbian foods and dishes, of which we serve all!

Here's another good reading on typical Serbian dishes

Daily Dishes


Serbian Grill


The taste of typical Serbian Grill item, such as Cevapcici (or Cevapi) or Pjeskavica can be best described as well seasoned, yet mild, and though similar in form with Greek and Middle Eastern grill, it is not as not overwhelming with taste of herbs. In Serbia, these favorites are served as  street food in a bun and often in fine dining restaurants as a plate with a selection of mixed meats and sides. There's plenty of articles talking about Cevapi and Pljeskavica, but to give you an idea of what goes inside, here's a recipe by famous chef Jamie Oliver:

Talking about fine dining, our desert selection is on par with the best Chicago restaurants. On a high note, if this is not enough, it includes a unique mix of offerings - from European style torts made with fine ingredients such as chocolate, vanilla and nuts, small deserts such as cream puffs, chocolate and vanilla cakes, coconut puffs, crapes as well as Serbian filo ppastry made with nuts and fruits, similar to baklava and other Greek and Middle-Eastern deserts. We make baklava, too!

Drinks! This is another area where we can say we can compare to top Chicago restaurants, Serbian way! We serve top shelf Serbian liquor - rakija (Serbian double distilled brandy), wine and beer. Rakija comes in a number of flavors depending if it's made from plum, apple, quince, apricot or grape. We also offer traditional liquor served in your typical Chicago-land restaurant.



Spirits, Vine & Beer



About Us / Media

This is our third year serving unique Serbian flavor to Chicago-land! We serve a combination of foods, from everyday dishes to fine dining Serbian dinner offerings, with fine deserts and top shelf Serbian drinks. At Balkantaste you will enjoy authentic taste of Serbia in a casual dining atmosphere. 

We do catering and special events! We can produce food for your party or serve a party of up to sixty people at our place, including hosting music entertainment for your guests.

A special perk! if you come in for a meal, you will most likely get to meet our chef. A graduate of Belgrade University, with a degree in Sports , a former basketball player and a graduate of Le Cordon Blue Culinary Arts Program, this good sport spends most of the day creating our menu items. He also owns and operates Balkantaste and in spare time enjoys extreme sports in addition to creating magic the kitchen with his unique energy.

Meet Bojan Bojanovic who brings the daily delights to your table!


Our Chef Bojan Bojanovic on Mount Prospect TV

Our Chef Bojan Bojanovic on Serbian RTS TV

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